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Russian painters 19th century

C. P. Bryulov (1799-1852)

C. P. Bryulov had been the boy of a carver at Catherine's legal, that has fostered and developed their son's apparent artistic gift suggestions so successfully that the guy transported down all the prizes provided by the Academy of good Arts, and won a travelling grant to Italy. In 1828 he visited Pompeii and Naples, in which possibility took him to see Puccini's opera the final Days of Pompeii. Deeply impressed, he shortly started painting an enormous photo for a passing fancy theme. It ranks in Russia as their masterpiece, most likely justly so, for this is a notable accomplishment. Yet it does not be not a sleight of hand, because of it is basically a theatrical, rather than a genuinely experienced work. Nevertheless, it is accomplished, and it established Bryulov's reputation, even though it is his portraits, drawings and watercolour painting which today seem to go further in justifying it. Their portraits tend to be exceedingly accomplished works, of great vigor, along with his drawings tend to be altogether wonderful. Their delicacy and accuracy foreshadow Alexander Benois.

Fedor Bruni (1800-1875)

In his picture entitled The Brazen Serpent, Fedor Bruni produced what is often regarded as the companion piece to Bryulov's Last Days of Pompeii. This fabric illustrates Bruni's abilities as a colourist along with his skill in grouping, nonetheless it fails even as a period piece, for this hits one as pretentious and insincere. Bruni painted a number of religious photos, nevertheless they, too, fail, and also for the exact same explanation.

Alexander Venetsianov (1779-1847)

Alexander Venetsianov attained work of far greater importance, for, like a lot of his Western contemporaries, their interests had been primarily absorbed in technical part of oil painting. He'd been a pupil of Borovikovski, as well as in their very early readiness he, too, had a lot of students and an important following, but Brylov's spectacular success with his final Days of Pompeii attracted almost all of the more ambitious Russian painters, and Venetsianov, like one or two other significant educators, lost the majority of their pupils. Nonetheless, Venetsianov's supporters included 1 or 2 small music artists of substantial value, such as for instance Zarianko (1818-1870), but much more particularly Count Fedor Tolstoy (1783-1873), just who used the practical concepts which had led Venetsianov to their own photographs regarding the Russian middle classes within their house environment, These charming paintings are because important to Russia aesthetically and historically as it is numerous a discussion image of a fairly earlier date to Britain, and so they constitute the first samples of a chain of development which culminates within day in retrospective work of Alexander Benois and Dobuzhinski.

Paul A. Fedotov (1815-1852)

Paul A. Fedotov, the William Mulready of Russian artwork, combined genre-scenes with Tolstoyan interiors. An unpretentious, genuine and observant guy, living in the meagre retirement of a retired army officer, he took up artwork just in his belated 30s. Decreased training and a premature death hindered him from growing into a Russian Rowlandson, but his documents of contemporary foibles are spiritually and temperamentally closely associated with Gogol's and Chekhov's writings. Their moments tend to be set-in very carefully reproduced interiors, and they are well coated. His photographs, The Fop therefore the Window stand in the forefront of Russian "Purpose" artwork.

Vasily Perov (1833-1882)

His instant successor and fellow Muscovite, , ended up being much more fortunate, for he trained as an artist from boyhood. Thus their achievements are greater than, Fedotov's, for his pencil and brush kept rate together with his abilities of observation. His deep sincerity would not affect the lightness of his touch or control his feeling of humour, nevertheless political circumstances prevailing in Russia led him to choose moralizing genre-painting as his sphere. Thus Russia possesses a few photographs no less revealing and incisive as compared to Rake's Progress or wedding a la Mode by William Hogarth. Perov's pictures, but usually do not form units, but reveal solitary topics like the Village Sermon, The Tea Party, The Repast together with Governess's Arrival. They fall short of Hogarth's pictorial degree because of the strange stiffness and discipline attribute of the nineteenth century, and also because the grouping is less effective, additionally the color poorer, nonetheless they nevertheless have actually a certain aesthetic worth in addition to their particular narrative interest.

Alexander Ivanov (1806-1858)

A totally various trend appears in work of Alexander Ivanov, several of whose paintings are spiritual in motif and basically spiritual in method, for they show a deeply sincere religious conception as well as an enthusiastic feeling of form and composition. He had been the initial Russian to express his spiritual thoughts effectively and tellingly in Western method, and to create spiritual art into the Western design believe it or not moving compared to icon painting of medieval times. His studies of female nudes continue to be amazingly modern and deserve...

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