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German Expressionist prints

This site signifies the Museum of Modern Art’s first solely “virtual” exhibition and showcases its unparalleled assortment of German Expressionist prints and illustrated books.

The Brücke group, created in 1905 in Dresden by four revolutionary architectural pupils including Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Erich Heckel, strove to obtain a new synthesis between art and life, bringing meaning back again to whatever they considered the shallow bourgeois presence of German life under Kaiser Wilhelm II. They arranged exhibitions and publicized their work by issuing yearly profiles of prints. Printmaking, plus the woodcut particularly, became among their most crucial modes of phrase. This web site gift suggestions above 110 prints organized into thematic groupings that emphasize the issues and themes main for this seminal movement into the history of modern prints. This site ended up being a distinctive opportunity to explore how interaction can enhance the exhibition of art. Visitors can journey the eight thematic galleries comprising above 50 comparative groupings of art with interpretive text and narrated quotations. Every image into the convention links to a bigger version with additional certain details about the job. Usage of a map provides framework concerning where these musicians worked, the sites they depicted, plus biographical home elevators the performers which include narrated passages from their writings. Within the Prints section, audiences can select or “curate” their particular relative groupings, and personalize their particular knowledge by sorting the whole collection in accordance with motif, singer, or medium.

Press & prizes

Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Good Communication Design, Jenifer Tidwell, 2006 (O’Reilly)

“13th Annual Muse Awards, ” AAM Museum News, Deborah Seid Howes, November 2002

“Second Tale: Interactive Tales, ”, Interactive Media Design Review, Silver, 2002

United states Association of Museums Muse Awards, Honorable Mention, Art, 2002

Well-written, properly designed, great business, easy to navigate, great integration of sound, great photos.

Correspondence Arts, Interactive Design Annual, 2002

One Show Interactive, Bronze pen, 2002

HOW, Interactive Design Annual, Merit Award, 2002

“Online display of German Art might be adore at First Site, ” The Seattle instances, Sheila Farr, November 30, 2001

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Like numerous on the web events, the site permits people to pursue their very own paths, exploring the functions singer, by motif or by medium. Visitors can compare the music artists’ depictions of cabaret moments, or Emil Nolde’s portraits. Snippets of Schoenberg’s music set the mood.

Yahoo!, Picks associated with Week, November 5, 2001

The style wizards at Second Story have inked it once more. This time around they’ve teamed up with the newest York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to carry united states Artists of Brücke, an exquisitely detailed assortment of German Expressionist images that you’ll only discover on line.

“Print few days in nyc, ”, Interactive Media Design Assessment, Bronze, website, 2001


ProducerJulie BeelerDesignersGabe Kean, Jeff FaulknerDeveloperSeb ChevrelAnimatorSam WardSound Designer Martin Linde

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[PDF] German Expressionist Prints and Drawings: Essays
[PDF] German Expressionist Prints and Drawings: Essays ...
Download German Expressionist Prints The Marcia and
Download German Expressionist Prints The Marcia and ...
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