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Australian female Painters of the 20th century

General Reference

Dictionary of Women Artists
Delia Gaze (Editor). Fitzroy Dearborn, 1997.
From Booklist: "DWA includes exceptional introductory studies and exceptionally insightful, scholarly articles on 600 women that worked as expert or amateur musicians in a number of media. Selecting biographees while the standpoint mirror the redefinition of requirements for art-historical value which have occurred throughout the last 25 years. The introductory surveys and biographical essays note difficulties and impediments women encountered when wanting to acquire training and professional recognition, including prohibition from learning real time models, the requirement of male security or patronage, exclusion from academies, and overshadowing by the singer's partner or lover. The objective of DWA is always to consolidate making offered to researchers and pupils the wealth of information which has been uncovered and recovered, as scholars have actually attemptedto write women music artists back to history."

A Dictionary of females Artists of Australia
Max Germaine. Craftsman Home, 1997.

United states Females Artists of Twentieth Century: A Biographical Dictionary
Jules Heller (Publisher), Nancy G. Heller (Publisher). Garland Pub Trade, 1997.
From Booknews: "An illustrated research that delivers accurate, succinct, and accessible biographical and bibliographic all about women musicians from Canada, Mexico, and also the US. Some 1, 500 alphabetical entries cover widely recognized professional music artists produced before 1960 who work in an extensive range of areas: artwork, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, fibers, metals, and performance art. An especially noteworthy feature could be the inclusion of Mexican and Inuit designers."

Voices of females Artists
Wendy Slatkin. Prentice Hall, 1992.
Wendy Slatkin offers visitors a distinctive and absorbing anthology of thirty edited, excerpted texts by women painters and sculptors from nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years. These selected portions distill the essence associated with writers' attitudes towards their imaginative tasks, both aesthetic and literary, and their identities as ladies in confirmed historical framework.

Ladies, Art and Community
Whitney Chadwick. Thames & Hudson, 1997.
The area of females in the history of Western art-as the producers of major paintings, sculptures, and craft things, so when the topics of the work of others-remains questionable. Inside extensively revised edition of her brilliant study, Chadwick re-frames and re-presents the problems concerning the circumstances under which ladies have worked as artists from the dark ages for this.

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